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nocalspn's Journal

Northern California Supernatural Fans
Northern California
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This idea is completely and shamelessly stolen from the folks at socalspn.

If you live in Northern California and you like Supernatural, come on in, say hey, tell me where the premiere party is so I can bring the chips and dip.

Let's get together and watch Supernatural and love on the boys.

This is a LOVE ONLY zone, please.

Be nice, it makes my heart happy.

Spread the word to all those crazy Northern Cali folks and come and join in the love. No, really.

Post pictures and fic and gossip and start Supernatural Thursday Get-togethers and don't forget the pie.

And eventually there will be lots of crazy fan gatherings in which we laugh and talk too loudly about how wonderful and brilliant Supernatural is because there is nothing like insane fannishness in public places.

Go forth and spread the squee.